Monday, 25 May 2015

Shots fired! Literally. After Chris threw shade at Tyson for hanging out with his ex Karrueche Tran, Tyson fired Back

The picture that started the drama

Chris Brown had a meltdown Sunday after Tyson Beckford dared to post a pic of himself with Karrueche Tran, but Tyson made it clear, he's not scared one bit.
It started Sunday when Chris saw the pic, then posted a flurry of tweets, saying among other things, "U wanna keep walking them runways.  I need ta legs for that.  Keep playing like I ain't wit the bulls***." 
Chris deleted the tweets, but Tyson fired back, seemingly impervious to the threats, saying, "It's all about fun in Vegas, come thru papa."

Tyson then posted video of himself shooting a gun range, saying, "Just in case your forgot!"
But Chris wasn't done.  Late Sunday night, Chris posted a pic of Vegas cops behind a building, saying, "This n**** Tyson got the whole Vegas PD out here.  Suckah!  This fruitz!"
Chris has been making a play to get Karrueche ever since she found out he had a child by another woman.  

Awwwwh. Poor Chris! ....Price he has to Pay for not growing up 

Awwwwh! checkout LoverBoy-Kanye's Message To Kim As They Mark their Anniversay. See Kim's Reply Too

More pictures after the cut

Seyi Shay Shares Bikini pictures

OMG!!! Captain Demurun And OAP Toolz finally Get Engaged.Yeah!

After dating for quite a couple of years, with backlash from fans for not making it official, Tools' Captain boo decided to take us this time unawares while they took a vacation to Dominican Republic. Pretty sure he had his reasons for delaying. It could be as a result of his compacted work schedule, waiting for the appropriate time, and other excuses. lol..
Good-news is that he finally puts a ring on that finger. Yeah!!!..#ahn shoki#....So happy for my dearest Tools..Dem foul mouthed fans can finally shut up now..Big Congrats to them plus wedding bells in a bit too. *winks*

Drake Swaps 'Madonna' Lyrics For 'Rihanna' During Houston Show .He did this to reference Rihanna instead

Drake had a pretty big weekend, with his second annual Houston Appreciation event going down (on top of which, a few songs sprung a leak onto the web). We've already seen a few photos from HAW, and now we've got footage from Drake's inaugural "Jungle" tour show in H-town, which alludes to some Madge/Drizzy beef.
Drake's extremely uncomfortable and possibly-forced kiss with Madonna is forever itched in our minds, although Madonna attempted to play it off as though Drake was the one who begged for her to suck the life out of him. Drizzy, never the one to reply to a situation directly, decided to change the lyrics in his ode to the aging superstar "Madonna" during his Houston show. And the lady he replaced "Madonna" with? Our other singular-named mega pop star, Rihanna.

When plastic surgeries go wrong. Featuring.......

Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace was a fashion model who went through many surgeries to become more attractive. But all went in vain. She is far more from her actual beauty. She was really a nice one. She is currently the vice president of Versace group. Her most noticeable changes have been to her nose and lips.

                                                                      Amanda Lepore

 The Queen of all plastic surgery. Amanda actually started off early getting her “advancements”.at the age of 19. Amanda spent the majority of her life Modeling and Acting. Posing in the French Playboy, and having her first cameo in the 1998 documentary Party Monster : The Shockumentart. Her most famous cameo appearance being the hit Zoolander with Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson. (Super Jealous) With the huge amount of success Amanda had Modeling and Acting she felt the need to try the Music route. Unfortunately Amanda had more success doing her cameos in the Elton John & The Dandy Warhols music videos.

Check out the backside on Ik Ogbonna's fiancee

Ik Ogbonna's fiancee and soon to be baby mama is in her third trimester and still looks this hot. Nice!

President elect, Mohammed Buhari ,addresses fuel scarcity

President-elect Muhammadu Buhari in a new interview with Daily Trust has addressed the current fuel issues Nigeria is facing. See excerpts below:

One burning issue is fuel subsidy. I believe you are aware of the queues in major cities like Lagos and Abuja. The fuel importers say they are unsure of the direction of the new government in this area. Have you considered maintaining or withdrawing this subsidy or are you questioning whether it didn’t exist at all?
One of the problems I have, other than the military, is the petroleum industry where I served for three and a half years under General Obasanjo. When people start talking about this subsidy I honestly get confused. I will tell you this, and I hope it will answer what you want to know. Back then we had a refinery in Port Harcourt, which was refining 30,000 barrels a day of Nigerian crude.

Later, it was upgraded to refine 100,000 barrels a day. Another refinery was built in Port Harcourt to refine 150,000 barrels per day of Nigerian crude. So, Port Harcourt alone had the capacity to refine 250,000 barrels per day of Nigerian crude.
But when I found myself as the Minister of Petroleum I set up another refinery in Warri for 100, 000 barrels per day of Nigerian crude and the Kaduna refinery a 100, 000 barrels per day. So Nigeria built capacity to refine 450,000 a day.

Four Hundred thousands of which is purely Nigerian crude, but 50,000 was imported. The type of crude could be Venezuelan, which could be a bit heavier. But the lighter ones – kerosene, aviation fuel, diesel, PMS of different grades could be produced from our crude because Nigerian crude is about the best in the world.

If you could recall, after finishing as Minister of Petroleum, I subsequently became Head of State. You remember, I appointed Professor Tam David West as the Minister of Petroleum. When we rounded up bunkers, collected their illegal jetties and allowed jetties for only big firms which were doing production and development in the country, we were shocked that we had too much fuel.
We had to begin to export 100,000 barrels per day. Don’t forget that we didn’t stop at building refineries, we built more than 20 depots during my time, from Port Harcourt to Ilorin, Makurdi, Suleija, Maiduguri and Kano. More than 3,000 pipelines were laid to connect them. A number of stations were also built to take the trailers off the road, save lives and the infrastructure on the road. It is more economical because each trailer uses fuel.

We did all that in this country and we didn’t borrow any money as far as I know. It’s Nigerian money. From each Nigerian crude, whether Akwa Ibom, Bonny Light or whatever it is, you can work out how much products it will give you; how much petrol it will give you; how much diesel it will give you if you want to produce diesel. We could tell how much Nigerian crude cost, the cost of transportation from there to the refinery, the cost of refining, the cost of transportation to the pump stations and maybe 5 per cent go for overhead. I can understand if Nigerians pay for those costs. But somebody is saying he is subsidizing Nigerians. Who is subsidizing who?

But they argue that the price should not be the same in Lagos and Daura, for example?
It has to be the same because it is the Nigerian crude.

But they consider the cost of transportation?
Why didn’t it make any difference when we were around? Why did we build the network of pipelines? Why did we build the network of depots? What can Nigerians benefit from the God-given gift of petroleum? No refinery is built unless there is an in-depth research that there is enough reserve of up to six layers to be produced.

The argument I have heard is that refineries are aged. Mostly, they are performing at less than half of their capacity…?
You can’t defend these corrupt and incompetent people. You can’t defend them. There used to be what they call turn-around-maintenance. You close the refinery in order to overhaul and clean it. What we did: we asked our producers, we need various refined products of this type at this time when the refineries are being cleaned. Take this type of Nigerian crude and bring us the refined products.
What we don’t need, we will calculate and pay you as fees for refining and transportation. If it is more than what the crude can handle, then we take it from the treasury. But you are trying to justify all these frauds by saying the refineries are aged.

Of course, they are actually aged?
They said the refineries are aged. The pipelines are leaking. There is vandalisation. Who ordered the vandalisation?

Does it suggest that you don’t believe in the subsidy? So, you are not going to agree to its continuation in anyway?
I would like to be on ground and find out what really has been going wrong. Why is it that people are doing round-tripping with the Nigerian products and take money from the treasury? Some people are still in court. You know about it. So, I’m not taking anything for granted. But I will try and find out what went wrong.

Wow!.. Meet Fred Amata's grown daughter

The movie producer and director, shared this picture of himself and his gorgeous daughter stephanie Ogenefegho as she turned a year older.Who knew he had a daughter this grown?

GTBank closes at 1pm henceforth as a result of fuel scarcity

This is so embarrassing. This fuel scarcity has to stop!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Things Are Getting Really Ugly Between Jason Derulo And Jordin Sparks

One-time couple Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo  who were once engaged for 3years are speeding along the awkward highway after a messy breakup after Jason Durelo allegedly cheated on the 'no air' hit maker and equally refused to take her calls after their misunderstanding. 
On Thursday, Jordin stopped by New York’s Power 105 “The Breakfast Club” show, where she divulged all the juicy details of her breakup from the “Talk Dirty” singer back in September.
There was one detail, in particular, that Jason had an issue with and that had to do with the BMW 7 that he apparently bought Jordin for Christmas one year; she now claims the car turned out to be a lease that she suddenly had to return!
“I didn’t find out until I was driving home for Christmas, ’cause I was going to give the car back anyway and they [BMW] reached out and they said, ’I wonder on your intention on giving the car back,’ ” she recalled of the dealership asking her to return the leased car. “And I was like, ’OK, your timing is impeccable.’ ”
Shortly after, Derulo took to Instagram to refute Jordin’s claims, sharing a photo of the vehicle bill of sale with the caption, “Women Lie, Men Lie, Numbers Don’t Lie! #WhyLease #BreakfastClub.”

Awwh. And they looked so good together. Jason but why?...In Chris Brown's voice *You never miss a good thing till its gone*..Jordin Spark is one hell of a beautiful woman.

Check Out The Projects Commissioned By Akwa Ibom State Governor Akpbabio

Governor Godwill Akpabio and wife, Unoma, cutting a tape to inaugurated a suspended-Bridge at Abak Local Government Area. He is assisted by Member Representing Abak State Constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Elder Friday Iwok (right) and Mrs. Martha Udom Emmanuel (left)

Abak suspended-bridge built by the Akpabio administration at Abak Local Government Area

A Library Complex at Obio Akpa Campus of Akwa Ibom State University built and inaugurated by the Akpabio administration.

Abak suspended-bridge built by the Akpabio administration at Abak Local Government Area

Gov Godswill Akpabio cutting a tape to inaugurate Uyo-Ikot Ekpene Highway constructed by the Akwa Ibom State Government. He is assisted by his wife, Unoma (2nd right); Deputy Governor, Lady Valerie Ebe (right), and Governor-elect, Mr. Udom Emmanuel (left)

Welldone Sir!... Personally, I think he is the best governor of our time. He keeps Working and working and working.

Toyin Lawani's Hand Bag Is Everything

The celebrity stylist and renowned fashionista keeps killing us with her ever creative sense of style...I love love love that bag

Awwwwwh.. See What Beyonce Looked Like As A Young Girl

This is too cute!

Vanguard Has It That Comrade Oshomole's Mum Persuaded Him To Avoid Marrying A Nigerian Woman

Last Friday, Comrade Governor of Edo state, Adams Aliyu Eric Oshiomhole exchanged marital vows with his heartthrob, former Miss Iara Fortes, a lawyer from Cape Verde.

Parents of the bride, Mr and Mrs Fortes flew in from their home in the Netherlands to attend the ceremony while the Governor’s mother, Hajia Aishetu Oshiomhole was also in attendance.

In a chat with Vanguard Newspaper, the groom’s mum debunked claims that she wasn’t in support of the marriage.

As a matter of fact, she claimed she was the one that persuaded him to avoid marrying a Nigerian woman in order not to create crisis in his family.

His mother, Hajia Aishetu told Vanguard that “I supported him to marry a foreigner so that the relationship between my son and his children will remain cordial. Our Nigerian women will go and destroy the family just because they want property. “ That was the main reason I supported him to marry a foreigner when he told me about it. So I am happy about it. Besides, the new wife is a very good woman. She behaves like Comrades late wife.

Very accommodating, understanding and hard working. And you know my son travels a lot as a governor. He needs a woman who understands his work and that is the kind of wife he married. She is just like Clara. Normally, people spend two years or less before they marry again but Comrade decided to wait for five years due to the love he had for his late wife. And Clara was a good person, very lovely and nice to all of us. So we supported Comrade for taking time to re-marry because we loved Clara. Comrade and the former wife lived very happily, there was no quarrel, nothing at all and that was why he mourned for five years. I am happy that he brought a wife that will bring him and the children together”.

Also speaking, the traditional ruler of Iyamho community, HRH Bashiru Itameso, who equally is a cousin to the Comrade Governor, said “I was happy seeing him remarry. I am happy because I never wanted him to marry a Nigerian because our people are wicked. I prefer it that he married a foreigner. If he had married a Nigerian, in-laws will come and start troubling him. They will start tearing themselves apart for materials things and that will create serious problem between Comrade and his children. We all supported him to marry a foreigner”.

It would be recalled that Oshiomhole’s first wife, Clara lost the protracted battle with cancer on December 7, 2010, just two years after her husband became governor of Edo state.

We have hear oo. lol

Check Out This Corp Members' Medical Report...My Goodness! looool

Malaria Asthmatics.. Really?

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Ghen Ghen! Oshiomhole's new wife is a virgin...buys her parents a private jet to show his appreciation!

Governor Oshiomhole during the thanksgiving service organised for him for his wedding to his Cape Verdian heartthrob revealed during testimony time that he met his wife as a virgin.

The Governor was educating the youth members of the church of the need kick corruption in all its ramifications, including domestic and moral corruption. He boasted that with an APC Comrade as the the helmsman of the Country’s politics, a revolutionary change has swept over the whole country.

According to the Comrade, “I implore all of you to fight corruption today because the APC Government is one that will not condone corruption, not even domestic corruption.
I can boldly tell all of you that I was a very principled man during my first marriage, I didn’t succumb to the worldly pleasures of this lustful environment, even though I had lots of opportunities. And it was this principled sobriety that made me fish for a virgin wife.
I can boldly say to you all that I was the first man to know her and initiate her into the worldly ways. This is the kind of spirit I want Edo youths to inculcate instead of messing around and engaging in different shades of adultery and fornication.”

Oh by the way, we hear the Governor purchased a Private jet for the bride’s parents as a sign of appreciation for training and keeping her clean till marriage.

Lol...lip sealed*...The drama is still on...Trust me to update you on the next scene #widegrin#

Gunmen storm Kano School, hack pupil to death

A female pupil of the Fagge Special Primary School, Kano, has been hacked to death by unidentified assailants and dumped in the school pit toilet.
It was gathered that the remains of the pupil, who had yet to be identified, was discovered at about 1pm on Wednesday.

Sources at the school told PUNCH Metro that the assailants had scaled the school fence to commit the “atrocity”.
It was gathered that the two pupils were abducted during school activities, hacked and dumped in a pit toilet in the school. The female pupil died, while the male pupil reportedly survived the attack.
The night guard at the school said, “About 1 pm, some hoodlums jumped over the school fence and abducted two pupils ─ a male and a female ─ who were dragged into the toilet and subsequently stabbed in the head. The female pupil died, but the male pupil survived the attack.”
The Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Musa Majiya, confirmed the incident.
He said immediately the police were alerted to the incident by the school authorities, they responded promptly.
He said, “On arrival, the police team met the victims in a pool of blood. The policemen rushed them to a hospital, where the female pupil was confirmed dead. The male pupil is receiving treatment.”
Majia said that incident is under investigation and the motive for the killing is unknown.

Too sad. Our security system needs to be probed and at the same time reoriented.

Kristen Stewart gets Gangster on the 'American Ultra' Poster

Kristen Stewart 25, populary known as the Twilight star whose relationship went sour with ex-beau Rob Patterson after a messy split looks fierce while blowing smoke out of her mouth in a brand new poster for her upcoming film "American Ultra". The 25years old actress is joined in the Nima Nourizadeh directed film by Jesse Eisenberg, Topher grace,Connie Britton, Bill Pullman and John Leguizamo.
American Ultra centers on a 'stoner and his girlfriend who became disrupted when his past comes back to haunt him in the form of a government operation set to wipe him out.

Mark your calendar, American Ultra hits the cinema August 21

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Who wore It Better?


photo credit: Getty images                                                                                                   

They both looked stunning in the Alexandre Vauthier Couture.  Miley Cyrus rocked hers to the Grammy award while Taraji.P.Hensons wore hers to the 2015 Billboard music awards.

Beyonce strikes dangerous poses in very sexy basketball leotard.Plus she was with her besty Nicky Minaj. They sure show us how its done

Slayer! You go Bey...More pictures after the cut

I love everything about this talented ladies..Breathtaking!

Fuming Kanye West says he was 'grossly over-censored' at the Billboard Music Awards and apologises to fans

Kanye West says it's not his fault his fans watching on TV couldn't enjoy his performance at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday. 

In a statement released Tuesday, the rapper, 37, laid the blame squarely at the door of ABC - the network which aired the show.
'Kanye West was grossly over-censored at the Billboard Music Awards,' the statement released by his publicist said. 'Non-profane lyrics such as ‘with my leather black jeans on’ were muted for over 30 second intervals. As a result, his voice and performance were seriously misrepresented.

How can one man have so many Haters?.Poor Kanye....I feel so sorry for him

Osas Ighodaro and Gbenro Ajibade release a pre-wedding photo

The ever stunning Tinsel goddess, model and host shared the above picture. Their traditional marriage is slated to hold in June 2015 while the White Wedding is due by July 2015.
Super congrats to the soon to be Mr and Mrs Ajibade.

Miley Cyrus Mourns Late Fish

Miley Cyrus is heartbroken. The 22-year-old  singer, actress and ex-Hannah Montana diva , dressed in a unicorn onesie, sang sadly on stage in a video she shared on Facebook. She cried while she sang about her pet fish Pablow.
"Why does everything that I love have to die? If I could do it again, I’d release you to sea because I can’t bear to see someone so wild just die in a tank.”
At the end of the song, she slammed her hands on the keyboard and walked away crying. Her fish died in February 2015. Awwwwh!  she's such an adult baby...
A picture of her late fish after the cut.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Kechi Okwuchi,The Only Survivor From Sosoliso's Plane Crash Graduates with a First class. Awwwwh!

The 2005 Sosoliso plane crash survivor who was a Student of Loyola Jesuit College graduated college this past weekend. 

Kechi Okwuchi, 25,graduated with a first class from the university of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas.  She got inducted into 6 honor societies, was outstanding student in her major of Economics, has already been accepted into graduate school to study for her MBA and was the chosen student to give the commencement speech at her graduation ceremony!

With God everything is possible. Big congrats to her!