Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Fun or Fornication?

When you tag fornication as mere fun, it becomes inoffensive to you. But when fornication is put in it's place; overruling it as a fun act, it becomes sin.

Holistically, fun or fornication is linked with the individual's perception.

The natural man of (1 Corinthians 2:14-15) terms fornication as mere fun, but the spiritual man of (Hebrews 12:4-12) who continually lives in total reverence for God and admonishes sin of every type and shadow never substitutes fun in the place of fornication.

Masturbation, homosexuality, bestiality and incest taboo are abominable before God, yet incorporated by the natural man as a way of life.

Anchor Scripture:{ James 2:1} MSG Translation
"My dear friends, don't let public opinion influence how you live our glorious, Christ-originated faith."

What you perceive, you conceive. Never deceive yourself by willfully receiving the mundane without thorough scrutiny.

By taking in a daily dose of the word and adhering to it's teachings, it helps to build a wall of defense against the attack of the demonic agents posing around as humans.  Choose your friends wisely and filter your communication pattern. For there are different voices, and none is without significance.

    "An unexamined life is not worth living"- Socrates

Examine your life on a daily basis and be open to learning. It will equip you for the never ending battle.

Inculcate lasting disciplinary traits to enable you retain your sanity in a world dominated by miscreants.

Pray fervently to God to give you the strength to continually handpick Salvation over Sin. Only then can you isolate fun from fornication and live wisely.

# Sin is like a flower, it looks good on the outside yet dies (1Peter 1:25-26)

Have a Great day Fam!

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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Happy Sunday Fam!

Hi guys,

Trust you're having a restful day... May the new week be filled with loads of productivity, God's immense blessing, happiness, fruitfulness and everything sweet and more.

Happy Sunday hunnies...

*Muah Muah

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Friday, 24 February 2017

The Signs That Will Follow You

A sign is an object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else. - Online dictionary

From my perspective, signs are;
i. Tangible significance of adhered instruction(s).

ii.Yardsticks for assessment.

iii. Exhibition(s) of an illustration.

{Anchor Scripture:  Mark 16: 17-18} MSG Translation
"These are some of the signs that will accompany believers. they will throw out demons in my name, they will speak in new tongues, they will take snakes in their hands, they will drink poison and not be hurt, they will lay hands on the sick and make them well."

If you exhibit any of the aforementioned signs in the above anchor scripture, it's a compelling fact that you're a believer! But if you do not possess any of the signs or traits, it's about that time of the year to indulge in intense examination of conscience; gainfully aligning your path through the help of God who teaches new things tantamount to profiting.

Maintain a personal relationship with God, partner with Him daily and watch Him rain down many enviable signs which He extravagantly dishes out on a platter to believers who cry to Him for dear help.

Have a SIGNificant day Fam!

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Go Through The Woman!

You've been approaching the kingpin to mediate your ordeal but to no avail? Go through the woman in his life!

Because women are subtle in nature, blessed with the gift of discernment and are "natural" mediators; they have the ability to exert a certain degree of control.

{Anchor Scripture: John 2:5}

"His mother said to the servants, Do whatever he tells you."

While they ran out of wine at the wedding of Canaan, the servants approached the famous Jesus to step into the situation and stir up a remedy but he turned His back against them. Envisaging the power of a woman, they approached Jesus' mother, Mary. Thus, the singular act birthed a situational overturn.

Interestingly, the woman (his mother) had the ability of making him perform a miracle to avert their embarrassing situation even after He (Jesus) claimed that "His hour has not yet come."

What are struggling with? Have you done it the way your (virtuous) mother, wife, fiancee or girlfriend emphatically told you to go about it?

Are you still approaching the hardened kingpin but to no avail? Inquire about the ''Number One'' woman in his life and Go Through Her...

Only then will you find solace.

Note: Women are endowed with the ability of bringing fortune or misfortune. A good woman will bring on the former but a bad woman will bring about the latter.
In today's context, we're dwelling solely on the good woman which is synonymous with the proverbs 31 woman.

Have a Swell day!

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Monday, 13 February 2017

Two Captains Can Sail A Ship

Can two captains sail a ship? Yes, only if they agree to take turns.

In a ship where there are two captains that agree to alternatively take turns, accelerated progress is the end result. It gives room for the other to take a break, regain lost strength, ease the tension, and reduce the burden.

Anchor Scripture: {Leviticus 2:26}
"One will put one thousand to flight, but two will put ten thousand to flight."

The power of One is distinctive, but Two is exceptionally remarkable.

No one made it to the top without a helper (an alternate captain) 

Humans waste time trying to dominate their fellow humans instead of dominating things. The original plan of God for man was for him to use things and work with people, not use people. 

God was deliberate when he created a pair. He appropriately dished out distinguished roles amounting to their overall well being. 

In our society today, a greater percentage of men possess atrocious ego. This so called ego makes them take irrational decisions even when they're aware it would result to an unhappy ending. They pride themselves with the leadership status popularly termed "Eze onyeangwanam". *See Igbo friend for translation. 

No organization stands the test of longevity with only one person running its operations.

The power of two is more than what meets the eyes. It's the least but yet the most important facet in division of labour. Imagine when three or more captains come together; They'll birth the iconic.

For two captains to effectively sail a ship; pride must be eliminated, humility must set in, and love must rule.

Two Captains can sail a ship... only if they agree.

Have a Great day and a Productive week guys!

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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Don't Always Be At The Receiving End

Mr Cornelius was in the habit of telling his children to obtain everything they could lay their hands on each time they visited their aunt, Mrs Edna. The act lingered for a long time until Mr Cornelius's eldest daughter matured; having understood Biblical principles.
One fateful day, she snapped back at her dad, saying, "We mustn't always be at the receiving end Dad!"
The singular act expressed by his eldest daughter ended the "Ever Expectant Mentality" in the household of Mr Cornelius.

Anchor Scripture: {Luke 6:38}
"Give and it shall be given unto you: A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For the measure you use will be the measure you receive.''

It is undeniably okay and fulfilling to receive. But continually receiving and never giving away is very harmful. It negatively affects the psyche and instills greed.

Generous gets it back in the end. Every act of generosity is richly rewarded in due cause.

Switch the entitlement mentality of always seeking to obtain and retain but never seeking to emancipate and disseminate.

Giving invigorates confidence, power and prestige. People always have a good impression about you when you give. Giving is the only legitimate and lasting access to receiving.

Denounce the ''ever receiving but never giving mentality'' today!

Don't always be at the receiving end.

Have a Glamorous day Fam!

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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Where Do You Live?

Who could imagine that two virgins could succeed in the malicious act of taking turns in sexually abusing their father?
Where you live, what you see, and what you hear are the three things that define you.

Anchor Scripture: {Genesis 19:33-34&36} MSG Translation
''They got their father drunk with wine that very night. The older daughter went and lay with him. He was oblivious, knowing nothing of what she she did. The next morning, the older said to the younger, "Last night, I slept with father. tonight it's your turn we'll get him drunk again and then you sleep with him."
vs36: "Both daughters became pregnant by their father Lot."

In the previous post, we see how the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah were wiped away because oftheir many atrocious acts, while in today's anchor scripture, we see how Lot's daughters exhibited the the behavioural traits they acquired from the land of Sodom and Gomorrah which they once inhabited.

No functional human being in the right frame of mind would get their father drunk and take turns having sexual intercourse with him with the intent of getting pregnant.

Among the many social groups, the institution of family and peer groups (greatly influenced by the habitat) are concerned with molding or maiming one's personality.

Sexual abuse, illicit drug use, drunkenness, laziness, violence, radicalism, waywardness and other negative traits can be traced to habits acquired from the geographical location where we inhabit, the things we see or watch (either on social media or attitudes expressed by the people around us), what we hear ( communication) and even what we read.

1Corinthians 15:33 states, "Evill communication corrupts good manners.''

Even If you're a good person, when you continually hang around bad people, you'll subconsciously pick up some behavioural characteristics that'll alter your personality.

Ever wondered why bad people who continually hang around good people begin to exercise inherent characteristics they never knew they possessed? Ever wondered why a lazy student begins to do tremendously well in their studies when they get involved with a hardworking student? Ever wondered why unsuccessful people begin to exhibit measurable progress when they flock around successful people?

Be deliberate about choosing the location you tend to inhabit, the friends you keep, the content of what you watch, and the innumerable activities you get yourself involved with.

A good location with good people births good communication that produces the good. We are products of what we see, what we hear and where we live.

Filter your INPUT today.

Have a Productive day guys!

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Just An Act Of Kindness

Even after the face off with the Kingpin Abraham, one would think he wasn't completely nice at heart...

It's safe to say Lot wasn't a ''bad guy'' even though he lived among terribly bad people in the bad city of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Where are you situated? Is it the original plan of God for you?

Lot wasn't destined to live in the land of Sodom and Gomorrah but greed and rebelliousness towards his uncle Abraham, made him to. More so, he (lot) was a distraction to Abraham towards actualizing destiny.

The name Lot means "veil". All through his stay with Abraham, he succeeded in continually coming in the way, hence, creating a tensed atmosphere that wasn't safe for Abraham to focus in the right direction in his walk with God; reason for their split.

The city and inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah weren't wiped away because of their many sins which Abraham once tried to mediate, they were wiped away because the people pulled the trigger by forcefully trying to rape the Angels of God. Distastefully, a homosexual rape was intended.

Anchor Scripture: {Genesis 19:1:3}
"The two angels arrived at Sodom in the evening. Lot was sitting at the city gate. He saw them and said, "Please, my friends, come to my house and stay the night. Wash up. You can rise early and be on your way refreshed."
They said, "No, we'll sleep in the street,"
But he insisted, wouldn't take no for an answer; and they relented and went home with him. Lot fixed a hot meal for them and they ate."

*Kindly read (vs 4-29) to get the full account.

From the above anchor scripture, we see how Lot treated the angels to a good meal and sorted out their accommodation issue.

Lot's act of kindness exempted him from the calamity that befell the people of Sodom and Gomorrah when the angels struck down the city. His act of kindness earned him the liberty of even choosing where to run to for succor.

When the Sodomite men were carnally trying to get at the angels, Lot sacrificially attempted  to give up his two virgin daughters in exchange. Not only did he give the angels a comfortable place to rest their heads, a good meal, and provision to have a warm shower, he gave them security.

How sacrificial is your act of kindness? How satisfactory is your act of kindness? How selfless is your act of kindness?

Display an "uncommon" act of kindness today.

Have a SWELL day Fam!

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Who Missed Me???

Ellahillz Blog would be around for a very long time in case you thought otherwise because of the breaks here and there. lol
I don't have a P.A yet, hence, I've been multitasking a great deal lately. Pheew. It's been exhausting I must confess, but I'm assured it'll pay off. Can't wait to share with you beautiful souls all I've been working on behind the scene. 

I'll be inconsistent with the blogging game for a short while till I wrap up with the projects in my plate. I beseech your patience.

More so, anticipate a redefined blog game this year. I intend to entertain you in a unique type of way. Watch this spot!

*P.S: I need your prayers for the giant-sized work ahead of me. It's scary, but I trust God to renew my strength daily. A two minutes prayer for me would be greatly appreciated. And if you can remember me daily in your prayers, then I'm covered! 

#Thank you for believing in me and remaining patient with your "work in progress" Chick. I won't fail you. 

Have a Rewarding New Month Fam! May your needs be met. May wisdom to strategically align never elude. May the covenant of divine protection rest upon you and yours. It's all love!

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